Frameless Glass Pool Fencing – Isle Of Capri – Gold Coast

Frameless Glass Fencing In All Its Glory…

Top of the range 12 mm Clear Toughened Frameless Glass Fencing with Polished annodized spigots core drilled into the concrete slab , meeting current Australian Standards 1926.1 2007.

The 12 mm clear toughened glass meets the current Australian Standards 1926.1 2007 and comes with a 2 mm Radius Edge Corner and polished and beveled edges. The gate comes standard 834 mm wide using 8 mm clear toughened glass.

Project Specs

  • 12 mm clear toughened glasas
  • polished annodized spigoits
  • 8 mm clear toughened glass gate
  • polished stainless steel hinges and side pull latch