Frameless Glass Pool Fencing – Gold Coast – Benowa

Top of the range 12 mm Clear Toughened Frameless Glass Fencing with Polished Premium Grade ‘Low Carbon’ 316 stainless steel spigots, meeting current Australian Standards 1926.1 2007.

Our Client request was to provide a luxurious look the entrance to the pool area while meeting all current pool fencing Laws.

We decided to use the Empire Range – Core Drilled spigot for this job as we had a 110 mm thick concrete slab to work with. We matched the hinges and side pull used for the gate with the empire spigots to give our client a luxurious, uninterrupted view to their pool area while maintaining continuity with the products used.

The 12 mm clear toughened glass meets the current Australian Standards 1926.1 2007 and comes with a 2 mm Radius Edge Corner and polished and beveled edges. The gate comes standard 834 mm wide using 8 mm clear toughened glass.

Project Specs

  • Empire Range Spigots with matching cover plates
  • 12mm clear toughened glass
  • Polished 316 side pull with a D&D latch
  • Polished glass to glass hinges
  • 76 mm Core Hole size