Frameless Glass Fencing

The ultimate in glass fencing, our  frameless glass fencing solutions achieve stunning aesthetic results to provide your outdoor area with an uninterrupted view of your landscape. Choose from the highest quality stainless steel or anodized aluminum spigots for your frameless glass fence, combined with 12 mm clear toughened glass, all certified to Australian standards.

Our Benefits Include:

  • 12 mm glass panels range in sizes from 300 mm to 2000mm in width
  • Core drilled, based plated, channel or side mounted options available for applications  to concrete, timber or steel
  • 12 mm x 1200 mm high  clear toughend  glass for maximum strength
  • 8 mm clear toughened glass gates to reduce the load on other panels for maximum protection
  • All glass and componets are certified to Australian standards.
  • A large range of spigots to choose from in Grad 316 Stainless Steel (Polished or Satin) or Annodised Aluminium.